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Operating Since 1995

August 7, 2010 | Paco Estevarena

Dear Friends,

This is our 15th anniversary, and we are very proud to have reached this milestone.  A lot has happened through the years.  We are full of great memories and we’ve made some great friends.  It seems only like yesterday but it was 15 years ago.  Back then, when we started, most transportation and logistics companies were inflexible in the way they did their business.  This is still true today.  Our youth and enthusiasm allowed us to think different.  We wanted to be the exception.  We wanted to be able to say yes when everyone else said no.  We wanted to make it happen and exceed your expectations.  Our reason for being was, and is, to be an extension of your team and adapt to the constant changes in the marketplace.

We’ve accomplished this by having one-to-one relationships we all our customers.  We’ve made our service flexible by approaching it as having a boutique style store.  We make it fit according to your needs.  We have always believed that you don’t have to buy it “off the rack” and mold your needs to what is being sold to you as the industry standard.  You deserve better than “off the rack”.  We have made this possible by being there for you, accessible at a personal level, and by adjusting our service to each of your individual needs.

Through all these years, our industry has evolved technologically in order to keep with customers demands.  The reality is that technology is a great tool, but it’s just one of the tools in our toolkit.  Customers need personal interaction to intervene when technology is not enough.  This is essential in order to keep the quality of service, as it is required at that particular time, and to keep the service as flexible and relevant to your specific need.  We have accomplished this with our team of professional and talented employees. We are fortunate to have them, as they are the biggest asset XL has.  Without them, we’d be just another shipping company.  Our customers and our employees are why XL will continue to “Strive to XL” for many years to come.  It is our pledge to you!  We thank you for your continue support and we are looking forward to work alongside you for many years to come.

XL Worldwide Corp.

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