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Competitive advantage

XL Worldwide Competitive Advantage

  • Real time inventory reporting showing items in stock, as well as reserved items
  • Production and distribution of printed material through network of vendors in Latin America
  • User friendly fulfillment formats that provide for multiple items to single consignees as well as multiple items to multiple consignees under the same fulfillment order number
  • Customized controls at the front end to engineer restrictions on items to certain parties.
  • Automatic e-mail response when receiving orders, as well as, when fulfillment of orders for user’s peace of mind
  • Password protected access
  • We tailor our service to meet your specific needs, always aware of the new trends in the global marketplace, and we are committed to providing you with the best service and the best possible rates
  • You will not be simply an account number to us and will not deal with an anonymous person
  • At XL Worldwide, a highly specialized customer service agent will be assigned to look after your account
  • Storage of sensitive documents, shredding, and disposal
  • We produce, organize, process, transport, and deliver
  • Your needs are our top priority XL Worldwide Competitive Advantage

We honestly feel that we can provide our customers with a strong combination of personalized service, state of the art technology, added value, and a panregional network that will handle all production, distributions, and customs issues that may arise. You will appreciate our transit times and how seamless your Domestic and International operations will be regardless of the challenges the region offers. In this global economy, cost efficiency is the key to an organizations business plan. We hereby present you with our pledge to improve the service you receive by also maximizing your savings.