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Warehousing & Storage

Storage facilities are available in Miami, New York, and other locations around the world.

On-line inventory

Your inventory is kept in our website and automatically updated when items are added or shipping orders are placed.

Same day Pick and Pack (Fulfillment)

You orders are fulfill and shipped the same day.  This is whether it’s one shipment or a multiple distribution.  Your special kitting requests for marketing and sales promotions are done under your strict instructions.

Customized Web Applications for Seamless 3PL Projects

All our logistics services are manage online whether your products are stored in the U.S. or anywhere else around the world.  We can customize the web applications to your specific needs in order to coordinate your 3PL projects with other vendors.

Retail Display Assembly

Point-of-purchase (POP Units) displays can be assemble at your locations of choice in order promote and introduce new products, offer product premiums and drive sales.

Transit Times

Our scheduled pick up times surpass major courier companies that will shorten their hours in order to handle their volume accounts. Our convenient times let you have more time during the day to prepare your shipments, and if you ever get into a crunch, you can always count on XL Now service.

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