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Standard Air Courier Service

XL Worldwide offers overnight delivery service to all major cities in Latin America and Europe using direct flights and eliminating all consolidation points. Through www.xlworldwide.com you can prepare all shipping documents and get the latest status on every shipment sent.

XL NOW (Priority Air Courier Service)

Designed for when the standard service will not meet your demands. Due to the nature of this service, all possible alternatives will be explored in order to provide you with all available options.

Customs Clearance

Our services are always door to door. We always clear customs on your behalf. Your recipient customer or associate will not be bothered during this process.

Expedited Cargo Services

Our Expedited Cargo Service (ECS) is an alternative to the typical freight forwarder. We do not just ship it and let you worry about the paperwork, destination clearance, and delivery. We handle it the same way
we handle your overnight courier package;

  • You, your client, or your distributor, places an order directly on our website or via email.
  • We make the pick up or prepare the order from your goods in our warehouse.
  • The inventory is automatically updated when the order is processed.
  • The order is shipped.
  • We handle the customs clearance process including any paperwork that is required; the necessary arrangements at destinations and origin, and payment of duties and taxes on your behalf.
  • The order is delivered and a proof of delivery automatically is emailed to you.
  • Simple. No hassles. No worries.

Expedited Trucking Services

We offer door-to-door expedited ground service for full truckloads or LTL shipments throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico. This also includes hassle free customs clearance.

Ocean Freight Service

We offer a wide range of solutions and services insuring your cargo arrives on time.