Standard Air Courier Service

XL Worldwide offers an overnight delivery service to all major cities in Latin America and Europe using direct flights and eliminating all consolidation points. This service applies to dutiable items as well as documents.

Standard Features

  • On Board Courier Transportation — a passenger flying daily on commercial airlines directly to gateway cities in country, carrying our shipments as his personal luggage, which allows us to clear customs immediately after flight arrival.
  • Automatic Proof of Delivery (POD) by fax or e-mail for all shipments within 24-48 hours after delivery is made.
  • Online shipping and tracking.
  • Automatic notification on any delays due to Acts of God.
  • An exclusive worldwide network, with all affiliates sharing the same system and operational procedures.

XL NOW (Priority Air Courier Service)

The XL NOW service was designed for when the standard service will not meet your demands. Due to the nature of this service, all possible alternatives will be explored in order to provide you with all available options.

Packages shipped XL NOW will receive special handling and immediate confirmation of delivery. Advantages of this service include later cut-off times, holiday and weekend deliveries, same day deliveries, next day delivery to two day points, and special hand carry services when necessary, by flying a courier to hand deliver your shipment.

Local Messenger Services

The same quality you expect from XL Worldwide for your local messenger runs with two types of service:

  • Exclusive — pick up and delivery in 60 to 90 minutes.
  • Regular — pick up and delivery in 2 to 3 hours.

Storage & Fulfillment

Tailored specifically for marketing operations that need manpower assistance and an expedited turnaround of their promotional material when shipping overseas.

Standard Features

  • Storage of merchandise at one of our bonded warehouses.
  • Fulfillment (labeling, packing, awbs, customs, forms, etc.).
  • Overnight distribution of merchandise.
  • Computerized Inventory control at You can place orders, check inventory, or track a shipment.
  • Capability to ship merchandise on a COD or free domicile basis.
  • Database development – we can produce a database of your customer base and update changes of address and any other information that might affect the delivery of your merchandise.

Expedited Cargo Service

Our Expedited Cargo Service (ECS) is an alternative to the typical freight forwarder. We do not just ship it and let you worry about the paperwork and destination clearance and delivery. We handle it the same way we handle your overnight courier package.

We pick up, prepare paperwork for you, assist you with any paperwork to be prepared at local consulate authorities, ship out in the first available aircraft or vessel, make all necessary arrangements with your client overseas, and upon arrival we will clear and deliver your merchandise from a 1 pound box to a 40 foot container.

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